5 Amazing Features You Get When You Install A Seedbox

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Seedbox is a remote hosting server than could be the ultimate companion for torrenting. If you are someone who would want to have a smooth torrenting experience then getting this server will help you out.

Loaded with amazing features you’ll be highly impressed by what seedboxes could do. Plus, there are several range of these super servers available in the market. Choosing as per your budget won’t be a challenge for you.

So let’s take a look at some of the incredible features that it gives to the users and how you can benefit from them.

1. Downloads and uploads with high speed

A prime reason why most users install seedbox is because of their incredible speed. Seedbox has a capacity to deliver a speed ranging between 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

In fact, some seedbox make the claim of delivering as much as 10 Gbps. While we won’t be focusing on that figure but the range between 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps is more than enough speed one requires for torrenting.

Not just with downloads, you’ll be able to seed your files as well in the same incredible speed. No longer you have deal with your sluggish internet connectivity.

2. Privacy and anonymity

We all know how exposed our data are when we are torrenting online for files. The activities of torrent users are exposed to the trackers, therefore, risking your time online.

However, with the installation of seedbox you’ll be no longer vulnerable to these trackers. Seedbox provides you with a personal log in account that cannot be accessed by anyone but you.

Also, this remote hosting server makes your IP address private when you are torrenting online. Therefore, giving you a safe and secure platform to enjoy your torrent experience.

But that’s not all, some seedbox providers give you the added feature of VPN as well. Hence, enabling you to make use of an encrypted connectivity. You will be able to maintain ultimate anonymity and privacy.

3. High quality hardware

Your computer cannot handle the long run for downloading or seeding huge files. It doesn’t really matter how high-end your PC is it is just not ideal to let it run for downloading big sized files.

However, seedboxes have amazingly robust hardware system that makes them capable of running for a long time. You can put your files on download in the super server for an entire night.

The high quality hardware will run smoothly even after downloading and saving them for your later use. It’s one of the many features of a seedbox that makes them a must-have for torrenting.

4. Streaming online videos, audios & more

Some seedboxes come equipped with pre-installed apps like Plex that allows online streaming of videos, audios and more. There’s no hassle for you to save them in your personal desktop.

Just download your files and stream them directly from the server itself. You’ll be amazed to see a whole lot of amazing features that comes along with this in-built application.

5. Added storage space

You can download and store your files right on your server of you want to them. Hence, another amazing feature that makes your torrenting experience even more smooth.

Free up your desktop space by bringing home this super server.


So what are you waiting for? Bring home the powerhouse of a server and enjoy seamless torrenting. Seedboxes are truly the real deal when it comes to torrenting. Enjoy more added features by installing a good quality seedbox now.